Man-made trash on earth, throwing it in space as well.
Rope symbolizing flight reaching to the planets beyond and
the wire indicating the path for fumes, gases, and stardust being
pulled by the magnetic force of the Earth. Touch of Pink for

Female and Blue for Male energy.


Kalia the demon king cobra - leaving his domain under the ocean came into the town through

the river - poisoned the water terrorizing people - Krishna and friends playing ball that fell

in the river- Krishna battled Kaliya chasing him back to the ocean and peace was restored.



Male, female and in between - in search of Truth - masked and tattooed  with symboled of religions - the Cross, Swastika, Star of David and crescent of Islam -confronted by Manu or Moses the giver of law - Swastika the ancient
Hindu symbol for good fortune and cycle of life. The four arms representing  Infant, Youth, Adult and Old Age - the Hindu Swastika stands flat on foot.


Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, New York-listed as sinking cities.
Rising Water Level can envelop the skyscrapers submerging daily life. Cardboard strips with 35mm slides glued on top indicting skyscrapers with windows. And a clear plastic bag for the gushing of the water.

6. “YONI”

In Hindu Shastras (scripture) the Yoni (womb) means opening or door for the cycle of births to pass through. Transmigration soul through several Yonis to attain Moksha, Nirvana, Salvation.

A particular yoni becomes a door or gate for the divine to descend on Earth for mankind.

Series # 2 : "culturalclinging.com

10 Paintings with Religious Theme and Symbolism
Culturalclinging.com is a self-initiated art project encouraged by prominent members of the Indian community in New York. Having seen Patole’s paintings of the 1970s, which contained Hindu themes and symbolism in his own technique of acrylic and metallic paint combinations; the connoisseurs expressed that an art show of this nature can be meaningful today as well. Such encouragement inspired Patole to undertake “culturalclinging.com  as a community project. The viewers of “culturalclinging.com" can enjoy the wealth of Eastern symbolism in the modern art form, as the artist takes inspiration from the works of Pablo Picasso, Francis Newton Souza, Magbul Hussain, Jagdish Swaminathan, and others bring about a wide range of expression to the art show. Explanations are provided for those not familiar with Hindu symbolism. I am sure it will be an enjoyable and educational experience for Indians and non-Indian viewers alike.


Lord Bramha the creator of all, Vishnu the preserver of good and Shiva, the destroyer of bad; this is the Hindu Trinity. Three deities with a common mission bond by the spiritual chain - elongated imagery to indicate Most High.


Girl standing on a bore in Swastika posture - one of the ten Avataras (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu - bird cycle passing through the animal, plant or bird species - four arms of Swastika symbolizing infant, youth, adult and old age.

 +1-212-683-4067 (USA)




Sexual union between Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati signifies meeting and merging of Heaven and

Earth - discourse was given by Shiva on Tantra, revealing the mystery behind Super Consciousness through Sex.

Crescent in Shiva’s hair indicates his cosmic connection - enlarged head is respectful for the deity.


One Horizon opens up another so is blending of the seasons.
Human-made disruption causing the imbalance of the seasons. Man must pay price for breaking the “Ozone Layer.” Four-color cardboard strips for the seasons with an indication of storm gushing through.


Series # 1 : The Creed

Series # 3 : Climate Change


Beaten and battered Christ going through the ordeal of crucifixion - Several pairs of arms of the deity in Hindu art indicate spiritual strength. Three pairs of arms indicate the Christian Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


“OM” The word symbol for God that begins the journey of man.

Om the word was god, Om the word was with God, Om the word is a god.​


Lemuel Patole A A( A

Anand Patole


Banyan tree of India considered holy - seed in Earth -casting roots from above like a family tree - grows

covering acres of land - main tree symbolizing God -branches and roots as denominations.


The Boat spilling oil into the ocean. Sea Birds soaked in oil
losing direction for the shoreline. Large and small pieces of cardboard indicating the boat and
 sea bids. Black plastic bag covered with metallic copper paint indicating the oil spill. Good old cover of the National Geographic magazine drenched in filth indicating polluted atmosphere.


Universal change in the atmosphere leaving air pollution for the following generation to breathe. Wrinkled plastic bag with nose-mask symbolizing air pollution. Child art sketched by adult suggesting coming generations.  Nose-mask glued on top for impact.


Purusha and Prakruti ( male and female ) merging together in the dance of life - 84 talents and skills

according to the Hindu Shastras (scripture) not merely for name, fame, and glory but for channeling

creative energy towards transcendence - Nrutya Bramha (dance eternal.)