​​​​​"PAST & PRESENT" old and new paintings of Lemuel Patole (Anand) RETROSPECTIVE ART SHOW at the South Lobby Gallery, United Nations HQ, New York, from May 26 to June 5, 2009 which was hosted by the United Nations Staff Recreation Council / Society for the Promotion of Indian Culture & Experience (SPICE - Indian Club)

Lemuel Patole A A( A

Anand Patole

Lemuel R. Patole

Anand Patole

 +1-212-683-4067 (USA)

Lemuel R. Patole, Internationally known as Anand Patole was born in Sholapur, India and is currently living in New York City, USA.  Patole is an artist, musician, writer, speaker, spiritual leader and mentor for many. Since the 1950s, Patole has been very actively involved in painting and writing articles on art and religion. In 1962 he came to the United States of America for higher education in art and he became like an ambassador of Indian cultural heritage. In 1970, he settled permanently in Manhattan, New York and regularly exhibits his paintings and performs on the Tabla with professional musicians visiting from India.  Patole believes "Painting is spontaneous play with colors in order to enter into a state of being in which creation takes over the creator, unconscious takes over the conscious, and no mind takes over the mind". For more.....